ready to leave

This moment has been maturing for ages.

Being ready for a long travel has started with a dream, then a more serious thought, a series of thoughts and then a decision. A decision to pause, to “let the paper remain on the desk unwritten, and the book on the shelf unopened, to let the tools remain in the workshop and the money remain unearned.” To take a sabbatical, to pause a career, to step off the train, check out the station I’ve arrived at, see where I am. Do I like this town?

After my mind was made up, the process of getting ready started. Less obvious than what I imagined. It wasn’t so much about the shots, the tickets and visas. It was about letting go. Letting go of the clutter, not buying new things. Becoming lighter and ready. Saying goodbye. It will all have to fit into one backpack – or rather – the things into one backpack and the memories into my heart. The rest is not travelling with me.

The months of letting go have now passed and the moment has come. The moment when I am ready. Ready to leave.

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