Destinaçao: São Paulo

A metropolis conjugates well with who I am. It invites me to merge with the crowds and disappear into them, to observe without being seen. 

As I walk through the gridded streets, the rusty old thoughts flow away and are replaced with fresh impressions – the colors, the buildings with their graffiti, the people! I can spend hours observing the pace they chose for the day (or do they always walk at this speed?) and listening to the tones of their voices. I imagine the stories that have shaped each face.

Sâo Paulo appears endless. There is no way of telling where the rows of skyscrapers stop; they extend to the left, right, North and South as far as you can see. Look at the lights in the windows of the skyscrapers. Each hides a story – a story we know nothing about.

day/night view from the apartment
downtown SP
downtown SP
mercado municipal
Jardims street
view from Ibirapuera park
Ibirapuera street art
Ibirapuera street art #2

Oca do Ibirapuera by Niemeyer

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