in the country of steak and malbec

Last week was time for Argentina. I walked an average of 20km per day in the streets of never-ending Buenos Aires visiting some great exhibitions (Malevich at Proa and a new exhibition of MALBA’s permanent collection were the two highlights) and eating lots of juicy steak. But the best part was catching up with old friends – rather quickly but (as befits old friends) as if we never left each other’s sight.

Malevich’s supremacism
Dos Fridas
Steak time @ El Federal

This cosy small hotel in San Telmo managed by a couple of cool Frenchies (yes, they do exist!) was my home during the stay. Check out L’Adresse!


When it was time to move on, a 13-hour night bus ride took me to Mendoza to enjoy some wine tastings and fresh air with a view of the Andes. 

While the city feels small and provincial during the day, it becomes alive at night with a disproportionate number of restaurants and bars and lots of fun – must be an Argentinian thing…

Now off to Chile!

13 hours is a lot of time to spend watching a single Coldplay concert on repeat
Fountain of eternal Malbec
Vineyard in Mendoza

(Check out Instagram for more pictures from Argentina.)

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