into the jungle

Yesterday, I flew from Tacna on the Southern border of Peru to Tarapoto in the North. From there I took a three-hour “collectivo” to Yurimaguas further in the North and at the gates of the Amazon jungle.

I am now about to board a boat that will take me 12 hours further downstream into the heart of the Amazon to a small town called Lagunas where I will find a guide to take me into the jungle.

Pacaya Samiria is the biggest national reserve in Peru and one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. I intend to spend 5-7 days in it, alone with a guide, moving from hut to hut, without running water, internet or other unnecessary stuff. We’ll even catch (some of) our food. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open to soak it all in.

Once I am back from the jungle, I’ll probably board a cargo boat (still have to find it) that will take me to Manaus, Brazil. The journey should take some 4-5 days during which all I will do is hang in my hammock (just bought it this morning), read books and watch the river flow by.

The adventure begins. See you on the other side.


Survived the jungle and had an amazing experience!

Paddling down the river in a wooden canoe, hearing only the chaos that the animals cause deep inside the forest and seeing almost no humans for 5 days was an incredibly calming and soothing experience.

Getting out of the jungle and down the immense Amazon on a local cargo ship was all the opposite, but just as memorable. Waking up in a hammock knowing that there is nothing to do the whole day but watch the river flow by and read your book is priceless. You can check out the map for the itinerary. Pics below!

Jungle panorama

Jungle at night
Jungle food
Downing a palm tree

Fetching water
Aqui todo es chevere!

Transporte fluvial Clever
Endless Amazon
Observing the cargo

Reaching port
Bedroom on the river

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