motorbiking through Vietnam

After 8 months on the road, Vietnam was the last country that I was to visit on this trip. I decided to do it North to South (I needed to buy an inbound ticket to somewhere) and on a motorbike (as it seems to be what everyone I met elsewhere was talking about when talking about Vietnam).

As per usual by now, I had zero other plans when I landed at Hanoi International. I took a taxi to the city and found a nice hostel. At the reception, I ran into Simon – a guy with a broadly similar plan as me, full of energy and 100% chill. He’s now sitting next to me while I’m writing this post on his macbook in Ho Chi Minh City all the way down south and almost a month later.

And what a great trip it was, what a country! Vietnam in one word is “green”. Vietnam in two words is green and full of big smiles expressing what words can’t. It is peaceful with few signs of the painful history. And it is oozing with life on every street corner, every rice field, every gas station and every one of the countless small temples or other gathering places. All this is connected with one long winding road taking you from a smile to a bigger smile, from green to lusher green, from life to life at the next level of intensity. Vietnam!

Rather than me trying to write more (I really need to get out of here ASAP to get lost in the streets of HCMC for the last few days of my trip), I’ll leave you with a bunch of pictures of this place. Check the map to see exactly where I was getting lost & put Vietnam on your to do travel list if you haven’t  yet done so.



fishy business
track redevelopment
downtown Hanoi
urban pagoda
Uncle Ho memorial
bike store
where the intellectuals rent bikes
leaving Hanoi never easy

Ha Giang

essence of Vietnam
taking selfies

the quintessence of this road trip:



Bai Tu Long Bay

To the South

“The American War”

into the void
rain pause; playing Xiangqi
dinner preps
lost again
Paradise Cave, Phong Nha


buffalos chillin
rain pause #2
smiles everywhere
Bai Dinh – one of largest Buddhist temple complexes

buddha buddha buddha buddha buddha buddha buddha buddha buddha buddha
lotus fields
yoga rider

smoky air
field burning

tradition meets modern

Hue & Hoi An

explaining life with swastikas
street vendor
green @ the market
tasty meat
endless variety of fruits

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